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Biota warrants the original products will be free from defects or deficiency in design, material, and workmanship and aims to ensure that response times are extremely short and that requested information will be precise and highly professional.

To obtain service under warranty, first contact the Distributor from which you originally purchased this product. If the performance issue is not handled to your satisfaction, please contact Biota Customer Service. If you have a specific contract with Biota, contact Biota Customer Service directly.

We appreciate all our customers and besides high-quality products we provided above-standard customer service including the following:

  • Express deliveries
  • Quick solution of problems related to the supplied products
  • Consultations concerning technological and clinical interpretations

To assure the quickest possible solution of any problem we always require the following information:

  • Product Description
  • Problem definition
  • Lot and/or Serial Numbers
  • Used device

File with the examination log from the used device, if available